Benefits of a Canopy For Schools

In recent years, outdoor classrooms have become increasingly popular among schools. This has been due to the pandemic, which caused parents to stay outside and avoid entering schools unless they had to, and it’s also because classes are getting larger, so a clear area outside where students can gather is becoming more important than ever. In many cases, these areas need a canopy to provide shade and protection. There are many different designs and colours that canopies come in, so they can be customised to suit any school building. Some have the school logo included in their design, bringing out a sense of style that can really lift the look of a space.

One of the best things about a canopy for canopy for schools is that it can provide an extra area where people can meet and interact. This can be useful for many events, including pep rallies, team-building activities, talent shows, parent nights, and more. These can all be held in the extra space instead of having to use auditoriums or gyms. This will make it easier for people to attend these events, and it will also allow the students to enjoy some fresh air.

Another benefit of a canopy for school is that it can help to improve safety. Having a walkway or canopy over areas where there is a lot of pupil movement can help to reduce accidents, particularly in rainy weather. Often, pupils will have to run between buildings in the rain to get out of the rain, and this can cause them to trip or fall. Having a walkway or canopy over these areas will mean that pupils won’t have to run and they can stand under cover instead. This will help to ensure that the pupils are safe and it will also mean that the teachers don’t have to spend time chasing after students who have fallen over.

A canopy for school can also help to reduce the number of pupils who have to walk between buildings. Having an area where there is shelter will prevent the need for children to cross roads to get to their next class or lesson, which can lead to them being distracted by other pupils or traffic. This can also reduce congestion in corridors, which is a big issue in many schools.

It is important to choose a canopy that is certified as non-fragile, as this will protect pupils from any injuries caused by the structure collapsing. A good company will be able to advise if their canopies are classed as non-fragile according to HSE regulations. They should be able to prove that the structures have passed a series of tests designed to test the strength and rigidity of profiled sheeting roofing cladding assemblies.

When choosing a canopy for school, it is also important to consider the warranty. A reputable brand, such as Quictent, will offer a 6-month warranty on all the parts of the canopy. They will also give a lifetime warranty on the ropes and stakes.