Bogova The Ancient City According From Rtk Live

bogova_rtk_liveIn all the year seasons, but especially at summer, on Sundays or Saturdays, the road which brings you in Berat and in Skrapar has an extraordinary “traffic”. Lots of citizens from Fier, Patos, Lushnja, Berat, and even Tirana, choose to pass the weekend near to the mountain clime, the freshness, the ice water which sources from the highness of Tomorr Mountain, Bogova, which means “the place of God” translated from the Slavic languages. It was Rtk Live till now that has brought to light the town of Bogova and all its metrical pleasure things the town has to offer so carry on reading the article for more things that are unexplored yet!

And it is true, with the appropriate infrastructure, constructed in the green ambient, with motels, hotels, luxury bars, it is really a place of God. There are located the municipality offices of Bogova. It is an area which serves like a “bridge” for connecting Berat with Skrapar, with very famous histories. While going toward the South, on the right, a fantastic road which looks like a snake, there appears as a peninsula, the Jaupas village, and near to it, the Bogova reserves, which is very known, especially when Albania was under the regime of Communism and it has served as a political base. They were hunting for the pigs.

“Pigs who killed pigs” –says a resident of the village. If you keep walking, you will see the hydrocentral of Bogova, a creation which is connected with the national system of energy. Long times ago it has been very productive and has worked in full capacity, covering the necessities of Skrapar and Bogova’s residents. The Bogova touristic center has increased the quality and the variety of its services, thanks to the commitment of its residents.

The marvelous clime, the cleanest and coldest water and the freshness it offers has increased the number of the visitors. It is very difficult to find some free places to sleep or to pass the night in Bogova’s hotels and motels. It is not the clime, it is the food, too. There is offered a traditional kitchen, especially cooking the meat and its products. Not only the meat products but also, the it is becoming a tradition of barbecues of fish and its products, too.

You can taste the vegetable salads, the fruits salads, the wine, the traditional alcoholic drink, raki, the various products of cheese, etc. After this tasty meal, cooked with love by the Bogova’s residents, drinking a glass of water, makes you feel hungry again. That’s why you feel like you are on the top of the mountain.

There is a legend which tell us that the Tomorr mountain stays over the water on three columns made by stones. Of course that no one can believe this, but what we can believe is what Theopompi says about this mountain. According to him, in this mountain, on and around it there are one hundred sources and Bogova is one of them. For those tourists who are curious romantic and non lazy, we can organize tours from Bogova till to the sources of the water.

Unfortunately, in the west part of Tomorr there is a problem, 2- 3 km higher, some firms are putting in danger one of the most precious properties of our country, which is given as a gift from our nature, now is at risk from those firms which have short – run profitable objective, searching for some precious stones.

They have created problems with the system of the water not only for Bogova but even for Polican and Skrapar residents. If the government doesn’t act about this phenomenon, than it may happen that the water sources of Bogova, will lose the water, taking at risk everyone.