Canopy and Shelter Specialists Provide Extra Shade For Schools and Other Facilities

Canopies are a key addition to any outdoor space, whether it is at your office building, airport or shopping centre. They protect people, cars and equipment from the elements. Adding a canopy can also provide shade and add a stylish touch to any area.

Our range of canopies Canopy and Shelter Specialists is suitable for all types of buildings, from schools to universities, and they are available in a variety of materials including aluminium, steel and polycarbonate. They are also easy to install as they can be fabricated offsite and delivered in pieces for simple on-site assembly. We can even offer pre-engineered canopies that don’t require any hot work onsite and are ideal for facilities that store flammable substances or chemicals.

At Magdalen College School in Northamptonshire, students are a sociable bunch but they can’t always escape the cold and wet weather. That’s why they got in touch with the team at A&S Landscape who suggested three 7000mm x 7000mm Maxima Umbrella(tm) fabric canopies to enhance their outside spaces. These sleek-looking shelters are constructed in Slate Grey steelwork and topped with Celadon coloured waterproof fabric roofs.

Similarly, at Co-op Academy Failsworth in Greater Manchester, students are all for eating alfresco but no one likes a soggy sandwich. They were looking for a curved roof canopy that looked stylish but offered complete weather protection and they contacted the team at A&S Landscape who came up with a solution to fit the bill in the shape of two Motiva Duo(tm) curved roof canopies. These standalone structures are designed in solid Moss Green steelwork and capped with Opal coloured polycarbonate.

To complement these canopies, A&S Landscape installed 24 recycled plastic benches which made a great addition to the space. They were chosen as they match the colour scheme of the new canopy perfectly and are a popular choice for schools.

Another great way to add extra weather protection is to use a canopy with a bioclimatic roof. These models allow you to open the canopy at pre-set angles to create shade and promote ventilation. They are especially popular with the education sector and are a cost-effective alternative to permanent shade solutions.

Canopies are an essential part of many fueling stations, protecting the vehicles and equipment from the elements. They can also help prevent stormwater runoff which would otherwise contain harmful pollutants and sediments. Whether you need a toll booth canopy for a highway or petrol station, our experts can find the perfect model for your application.

The right canopy can transform any outside space into an attractive and social, all-weather learning area. Whether you are a school, university or business, the right structure can make all the difference to your students, staff and customers. Our hard-wearing canopies are backed by a first-class service and come in a range of sizes, colours and finishes.