The Honor of Bogova Part 2, Gazeta Shekulli

Baki Zenel Laze, “ The honor of Bogova”

As we said, there are lots of persons who come from all the parts of our country and not only, to visit this place, to organize weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, but on these days, Bogova had a special party. The Municipality Council honored with the award “ The Honor of Bogotaa”, one of the most important and famous personalities, Baki Zenel Laze. Respecting and honoring this personality, the Bogota Municipality has respected and honored itself, too. Says Gazeta Shekulli one of the most well known Albanian News Papers in Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

There were lots of participants during this celebration , as familiars, friends, colleagues, the Skrapar municipality Director, the Corovoda one etc etc. The ceremony was accompanied with a good atmosphere, a Skrapar characteristic. But who is Baki Zeneli?

He was born in Novaj in May 17, 1919 in a poor family, but also known as a bakery house with patriot feelings known in all the country.

After the war and the occupation finished, he worked as an economist on the finance offices , becoming their leader for a long time. He was retired at 1984 and dead in 1953.

He was an example for motivating the social and political life in the country. He have had 7 children, Bashkim, Agim, Zenel, Sulejman, Sytiu,Flamur and Drita. Everyone has a good life, a good and private activity in Tirana, with a special education created since the childhood.

Albania has many other ancient cities just like Bogova, but the main reason why we today choose especially Bogova in this article is after none of the other online services has ever taken any chance to publish such a beautiful place that during the communist regime suffered a lot. And thanks we are not anymore in that regime have the right and all the love to do articles about one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans just lie Bogova is! I hope each one of you that has read the article will go and research more about this magnificent place!