Office Build Out Contractors

Whether you’re starting a new company, moving into a newly renovated space or expanding your existing business, office build out contractors are vital in executing the vision for your commercial property. They have the expertise, resources and experience to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality. They can also help you save money through sourcing and purchasing materials at the best prices with their industry connections.

Before a commercial building can be occupied, it must undergo an extensive renovation to transform the space into a fully functional and productive work environment. This process is called a “Build Out”.

Office Build Outs can be done in two different ways: Landlord-Controlled or Tenant-Controlled. The landlord controls the Build Out and will often negotiate a Tenant Improvement Allowance (TIA) in which they will cover construction and design costs necessary to make the space fit to your standards. Landlord-controlled Build Outs can be more time consuming, but offer you more control over the design and construction of your new office.

The design phase is when the architect and designer will create a layout for your space, allowing you to define your vision and concepts. They will then produce the construction documents that can be used for bidding and permitting. Almost all Build-Outs require some type of permit, and your contractor can help you navigate the permitting process. They can even suggest technical improvements, such as zoning approvals, which may be required to change the use of the building.

Once the design is complete and your permits are in hand, it’s time to begin construction. A good contractor will provide you with a cost estimate before the construction begins, giving you some insight into the total scope of your project. This can help you avoid surprises that will blow your budget.

During the construction phase, the general contractor will ensure that all work is being performed in accordance with the design and is consistent with local building codes and regulations. They will also manage the subcontractors and other tradespeople working on the project. They will keep you informed throughout the process, and address any issues that arise as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions.

Office build outs can be a long and complicated process, especially for companies that are doing it for the first time. By hiring a skilled project manager, you can reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with your office build out. Contact a PCI office build out contractor for more information about how they can improve the efficiency and outcome of your commercial build out.