Owning a home is both a privilege and responsibility. Keeping your house in good condition requires regular maintenance tasks, such as fixing broken pipes and drains. But sometimes, plumbing problems happen when you least expect them — your toilet overflows right before guests arrive or your water heater goes out during a hot day. In these times, you need to have an emergency plumber in Las Vegas on call to fix the problem quickly.


Provides basic and comprehensive plumbing, water PLUMBER LAS VEGAS heater, drain cleaning, and leak detection services to homeowners in Las Vegas and 9 other Clark County cities. Its techs are licensed and bonded, and charge no overtime fees for overnight or weekend service. The company has a wide range of plumbing parts in stock and offers a 1-year guarantee on most repairs. Customers can also benefit from free flood prevention inspections, free water testing, and priority scheduling. They can also receive member-only discounts by joining its Sunshine Club.

This Las Vegas plumbing company is locally owned and operated by a family. Its techs have extensive experience and are licensed, bonded, and insured. They offer a full menu of plumbing repairs and replacements, and can repair both gas and electric appliances. They can also install Flo by Moen water leak detection systems and offer annual home protection plans. They are committed to the environment and recycle scrap materials, post exclusive online deals on their website, and offer discounted pricing for seniors, military members, and law enforcement officers.

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