The IMS is the central data management system for GTK and its subsidiaries

One of the more complex tasks associated with a cruise around the Caribbean is figuring out what batteries to use and where to put them. Thankfully, GTK has your back with an array of the finest marine batteries around. From the newest batteries to the oldest, we’ve got em all. The company has also a knack for locating and re-purposing the old ones for good. Whether it’s a replacement or full service service, we’ve got the right solution to fit your needs.

GTK Mintec’s pilot plant is equipped with a Courier(r) 6i SL online XRF analyzer, which measures a variety of spectral features. These allow real-time process monitoring and control through frequent assays, reducing sampling time, which will speed up process development and help to achieve process stability more quickly.

The Flotation machine fleet in GTK Mintec was upgraded to include twenty next-generation froth flotation cells with over 7 m3 cell volume, including a flotation column with over 0.2 m3 capacity. These units feature smart sensors and sensing elements, which increase the fidelity of flotation tests and improves the overall process planning and performance.

Information Management System

The IMS is the central data management system for GTK and its subsidiaries. It collects, processes and distributes relevant information in the most effective way possible, enabling all users to gain access to critical and relevant information at their fingertips.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a collaboration platform for GTK Mintec’s project team and customers. The system allows both parties to share preliminary knowledge about a specific phase in the project, such as grinding tests or MLA test results. This knowledge helps the team to provide the most relevant forms of information to the customer.